Podcast Two

This podcast has been designed using the red, amber, and green zone theory, used by A Stroke of Luck. This second podcast is for survivors who: 

  • Are aware of services out there to support their return-to-work journey 
  • Are within the ‘self-acceptance’ zone of their recovery 
  • Are prepared to be honest and open about their limitations 
  • Have insight into the symptoms of their stroke  


Join Suzanne and Sophie on a journey of self-discovery. During this podcast you will be guided through two self-assessments that will enable you to identify the starting point of your return-to-work journey. 

For this podcast you will need a copy of your job description and to download resources 1 and 2 (and the examples provided). You can either print these off- if you have a printer or alternatively copy the resources by hand.  


Resources for Podcast 2



We advise you to review this process and complete the activities again to continue your self-discovery within your rehabilitation.  

To aid you we have created brief written instructions for you to follow if you do not wish to re-listen to the podcast again.  
Podcast 2 instructions


Disclaimer- This podcast details support available only within the UK.