There are numerous reasons you should fundraise for A Stroke of Luck.

We’re pretty certain the most important is because nobody should face the prospect of an unfulfilled life experience post-stroke. To ensure we can offer survivors an opportunity to support their physical and emotional wellbeing, we need your help! So, come and join the ‘A Stroke of Luck Supporters’ Club’.

With your support we can give people a fuller life, help them to continue their recovery, and to make the most of their new life.

You’ll also be helping us to campaign for better services and support, so survivors get the help they need, when they need it.


All our stroke survivors and the team at A Stroke of Luck are grateful for the generosity and efforts of all our supporters. We promise that all donations are spent responsibly so that together we can achieve our goals.

Support is a multiway thing!

A Stroke of Luck is one big club and we believe we are creating a thriving community. Our pride comes with peers supporting one another to give stroke survivors new opportunities.

Some of our fundraisers have personal experience of strokes or know someone who is a stroke survivor. You really care about making a better future for stroke survivors and you care about each other, which is why we are lucky to have such an awesome club!

A significant amount of A Stroke of Luck support happens online. We have Facebook groups set up depending on the type of fundraising you’re doing where you can get to know each other, share advice and tips.