Welcome to the best club you never
wanted to be a part of!!

Is increasing your physical and emotional wellbeing important to you?

Would you like to be part of positive community?

Fancy increasing your appetite for life?

If you have answered ‘Yes’ to any of these three questions,
then A Stroke of Luck is the perfect vehicle for you.

A Stroke of Luck has been created to provide you with the access to fitness and wellbeing experts who support your recovery leading to a fulfilled life: one you may have thought was impossible to achieve.

I’m a Survivor

So, you may be asking yourself, how can A Stroke of Luck actually help me…



This is the easy part to answer! You need to register as a Survivor using the contact form below. Please just fill it in and we will register your details as a Stroke Survivor. You will then be part of the exclusive ‘A Stroke of Luck Survivor’s Club’ community. By registering and becoming a member, we will be able to send you exciting information on the development of the charity.


In the near future

From September 2019, we will have created a membership portal where you will be able create your Survivor profile page (we will be producing a video showing you how to do this). Once your Survivor page has been created, you will have access to numerous support channels including access to fitness professionals in your area. You will be able to book sessions with a fitness professional, through your dedicated Survivor page, using the credits which have been allocated for your use.

In addition to having contact with a fitness professional, as part of the Survivor’s Club, you will also be able to access videos, webinars, newsletters, and get a discount at the A Stroke of Luck store.