Hannah Rushton

Hannah is a Level 4 qualified nutrition and lifestyle coach, with extensive experience of working with people who have had a stroke. She has a background in the health charity sector, and has worked exclusively with stroke survivors for the past twelve years where she has amassed a thorough knowledge of the challenges facing stroke survivors in reaching their recovery goals.

Hannah specialises in supporting her clients to live a healthy and active life by translating the science of nutrition and wellbeing and making it relevant and easy to apply in everyday life. Just some of the benefits of nutrition and lifestyle coaching reported by her clients include improved weight management, increased energy levels, improved motivation, reduced stress and anxiety, and feeling more in control of their own health.

Hannah is passionate about the benefits of diet and lifestyle in helping stroke survivors achieve their rehabilitation goals, and considers it the “missing piece of the jigsaw”. Hannah is delighted to be joining the A Stroke of Luck team where she considers her expertise will align with the vision and mission of the charity.