Callum Walsh

An expert in Strength and Conditioning with over 20 years’ experience and a Masters Degree, Callum has a very personal experience of working with Stroke Survivors. In 2015, Callum’s Father had a Stroke whilst abroad in Portugal. The immediate requirement in Portugal to exercise one day after a Stroke has been a huge reason why his Father has made such a positive recovery. Callum provided his Father with day-to-day exercise workouts which has enabled his Dad to get back to a positive life being able to achieve things he once thought he never would again.

As a day job, Callum is Senior Physical Performance Coach at Hudderfield Town Football Club. An Accredited Strength and Conditioning Coach and Functional Movement Specialist, Callum has specialised in working with the rehabilitation of athletes on their return from injury. Athletes can sometimes suffer injuries that last up to 12 months so it’s important to help facilitate their return to competition at the highest level.

Callum’s personal and professional experience is why he is dedicated to work with A Stroke of Luck. To be able to provide other survivors with similar opportunities he was able to provide his Father is very motivating.