Podcast Three

This podcast has been designed using the red, amber, and green zone theory, used by A Stroke of Luck. This third podcast is for survivors who: 

  • Have completed podcast 2 and understand the challenges they will face when returning to work.  
  • Are prepared to communicate ways in which their employer can support them. 


Join Suzanne and Sophie as they discuss how to communicate your needs to your employer.  

For this podcast you will need the two self-assessments you completed in podcast 2. You will also need to print resource 3 (if you have a printer). Alternatively, download the editable PDF and edit the resource online.  


Resource for Podcast 3



We advise you to review this process and complete the activities in podcast two and three, to continue your self-discovery within your rehabilitation.  

To aid you we have created brief written instructions for you to follow if you do not wish to re-listen to the podcasts.  


Podcast 3 Instructions


Disclaimer- This podcast details support available only within the UK.