Podcast One

Join Suzanne and Sophie for an Occupational Therapy session in the comfort of your own environment.
Don’t be left wondering ‘what’s next?’ in your recovery, take control and manage your own destiny.

This podcast miniseries has been designed using the red, amber, and green zone theory, used by A Stroke of Luck.

This first podcast is for survivors who:

  • Are unsure whether they are ready to return to work.
  • Are unaware of the resources available to help their return-to-work journey.
  • Want advice on services out that can support their return-to-work journey.

Join Suzanne and Sophie as they discuss preliminary thoughts about returning to work post-stroke. Featuring insight and experience from Romy Curtis- an inspiring lady who has returned to work post-stroke.
You may wish to listen to this podcast in a quiet room for contemplation. This podcast details important resources you can access to start your return-to-work journey. You may wish to note down some of the information given within this podcast.



We have also mentioned the following resources for you to check out:

Stroke Association


Access to Work

Equality Act 2010: guidance

Royal College of Occupational Therapists

Disclaimer- This podcast details support available only within the UK.