Oli Harris – Trustee

Oli is the UK Managing Director of Funderbeam, a regulated investment and trading platform, and also the Founder of The Sporting Blog, the UK’s largest non-news sports website.

Having always been on the right side of healthy, Oli suffered an unexpected and unexplained sub-arachnoid brain haemorrhage in April 2022. This is an uncommon type of stroke in which there is a bleed on the surface of the brain.

Although Oli survived, his recovery process is ongoing and he feels like there is a preconceived idea about stroke survivors, and what recovery entails.

Oli wants to work with the Stroke of Luck team to change the way stroke is looked at and how we treat survivors.

Most stroke survivors have come through something extraordinary, and have an uphill battle to try and find some normality again, A Stroke of Luck can play a big part in helping people get back at least something of their pre-stroke lives.