We are very proud of one of our Experts, Rob

Rob, has been contracted by the NHS to support them during the Coronavirus crisis.

Rob has recently started a clinical fixed-term contract with the NHS which involves him working with COVID-19 symptomatic patients and patients who have tested positive. Rob supports the patients from acute and intermittent care, through to their discharge.

His role as a support is to reduce the time demands on the Duty Doctors by providing regular patient observations and assessments. This could be every 15mins to every 4 hours dependent on the patient’s needs.  The reporting of the data is critical in the planning of the patients intervention. If the data shows a ‘red flag’, the Duty Doctors will move to the next intervention to suppress the symptoms.

Rob says: “For me it’s an amazing opportunity on a personal level as a lifelong career dream to become a Doctor, and working with the NHS right now is providing me with hands on experience in a very challenging environment. On a daily basis, I have been used to working with and supporting patients through their physical recovery journeys, and I am now working alongside Doctors to support patients through a very stressful time. Watching patients recover because of the skills of the NHS is incredible.”

Everyone at A Stroke of Luck is very proud of Rob, and every worker in the NHS. Keep it up.