Prioritise home based exercise

A Stroke of Luck, aims to provide digital stroke-specific exercise videos for survivors during and after the Coronavirus crisis.

Established in May 2019 by ischemic stroke survivor Craig Pankhurst, A Stroke of Luck’s mission is to provide other stroke survivors with advice and the opportunity to access the services of fitness professionals to aid in recovery and rehabilitation. The organisation has recently been awarded registered charity status following approval by the Charity Commission of England & Wales.

With the current COVID-19 pandemic causing significant challenges to the lives of individuals across the world, and the tragedy of many thousands losing their lives to the virus, depression and anxiety levels are heightening.

A Stroke of Luck recognises the impact exercise can have on stroke recovery through the results of extensive research. Due to the current crisis, they have changed their strategy.

“We are in very uncertain times. Across the globe, stroke survivors are in isolation, and in some cases, are being shielded. This means a lack of social interaction, and the opportunity to attend rehabilitation is temporarily halted. This will naturally cause concern for survivors with the potential to think “what next?” says Craig.

“We are planning to alleviate some of the concern by producing stroke-specific exercise videos which will be available on our website and YouTube channels for survivors to engage with. By completing exercise at home, it will support and improve the physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing of individuals. We have a team of experts ready to make the content.”

“We are stroke survivors; we know what it is like to adapt to a changing environment. At A Stroke of Luck, we want to be the go-to place for survivors for exercise. But we also need support to reach out to survivors across the globe. We need people to support us through donations.”

Once the world returns back to ‘normal’, A Stroke of Luck aims to match stroke survivors with local fitness professionals through an online web portal. Stroke Survivors or fitness professionals interested in signing up to the charity can register their details on the A Stroke of Luck website.

More information about A Stroke of Luck and their 99p campaign to create exercise videos is available on their website: