Lifetime Training supports A Stroke of Luck in enabling Stroke Survivors train to become Personal Trainers

Lifetime Training, one of the largest training providers in the UK has agreed to support the latest stroke charity to hit the UK, ‘A Stroke of Luck’, to provide training and development opportunities in Fitness and Personal Training.

Founder & CEO of A Stroke of Luck, Craig Pankhurst, is passionate about creating a better way of life for stroke survivors. A former International swimmer himself, Craig has a background in health and fitness and this, coupled with surviving his stroke in 2018, led him to create a stroke charity with exercise at its core.

The concept of A Stroke of Luck (ASL) is simple: matching stroke survivors with local fitness professionals to get them physically active. The digital platform which will allow survivors and PTs to connect is currently being built ready for launch later in 2019.

Fitness Professionals can provisionally register their details on the ASL website now and will be able to complete their personal profiles when the portal launches. Once complete, Personal Trainers will become members of the ‘A Stroke of Luck Expert’s Club’ and will have access to new prospective clients. There are currently 1.2 million stroke survivors in the UK, and each year in excess of 100,000 people survive a stroke. ASL is opening the door to fitness professionals to increase their client base and support people who wouldn’t otherwise be able to access their services.

Funding received by A Stroke of Luck will be converted to credits. These credits can be used by the Stroke Survivor to book a session with a qualified ASL approved Fitness Professional.

The demand for a charity like A Stroke of Luck has been recognised by stroke survivors, medical professionals, and other charities whose focus is spread across research and prevention. The focus at A Stroke of Luck is ‘life after stroke’ and enabling survivors to have the best future possible. A stroke can often leave a survivor with significant motor and neuro challenges. The physical, mental, emotional, and social impacts of a stroke can be damaging to the survivor’s appetite for life. The NHS is a fantastic resource but is under constant fiscal and resource pressure. This has ramifications for those who desperately need the service given by such amazing professionals. ASL will be a support to the NHS, but most importantly, to the survivors who desperately need help. Providing the opportunity for survivors to engage with additional physical rehabilitation will aid recovery and wellbeing.

A Stroke of Luck is so passionate about connecting Stroke Survivors with Personal Trainers, it has started planning bursaries to co-fund survivors through a training programme to qualify as a Personal Trainer themselves. This is being co-funded and delivered by Lifetime Training. As part of his long-term vision, Craig said:

“It is one of A Stroke of Luck’s aims to provide bursary funds to enable a survivor to train to become a Personal Trainer if they want. We aim to not only provide physical rehabilitation, but also create income opportunities for survivors too”.

Marie Vickery, Business Development Director of Lifetime Training, was only too pleased to support Craig and ASL.

“At Lifetime, supporting people of all abilities build a better life for themselves, through personal development and training, is at our core. We are so pleased to support this fantastic venture and are excited about what this partnership can achieve”.

Craig says that the charity does not only aim for stroke survivors to just survive, but to thrive in their day to day lives.

“This mantra will enable us to support survivors across the UK,” he said. “A Stroke of Luck’s aim is to provide survivors with the opportunity to engage in physical training to improve their life post-stroke. We want to enhance the lives of every stroke survivor, regardless of their post-stroke effects, by giving them access to long-term physical and emotional care”.

A charity ball will be hosted in September 2019 to celebrate the launch of the online portal at Anfield Stadium and tickets will be available to purchase shortly. For more information, please contact