Craig has been nominated for the 2020 World Stroke Organization Board Elections

We are proud to announce that our Founder & CEO, Craig has been nominated for the 2020 World Stroke Organization Board Elections. Voting is only open to World Stroke Organization members. On being nominated, Craig has given a personal statement:

I am delighted to have been shortlisted as a Nominee for the 2020 WSO Board Elections. In April 2018, I joined the club I never wanted to be part of: The Stroke Survivors’ Club. From that moment on, I have made it my life goal to make the world a better place for my fellow survivors.
Following my stroke, my life has changed significantly from how I had envisaged it would be. I am a Husband, a Dad, a former international swimmer, and a former business owner. I had life mapped out, and then bang, I was forced to change direction. And, as I know it sounds odd, I am pleased it has changed direction: I have a second chance of life, I am embracing it, and I am determined to maximise the time I have.
My new life journey started very soon from being discharged from the NHS in summer 2018. I felt a need to create something which would support survivors in their life after stroke. With my sporting experiences, my degree, and my experience in business, I made the decision to start A Stroke of Luck, a charity and SSO which launched in May 2019. The charity supports individuals by engaging in exercise to aid physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing on a survivor’s recovery journey. The technology we are creating will result in the platform having the capability to be used across the world should other countries wish to utilise it. I have been fortunate in my life: I have achieved some things I have been very proud of, but without doubt, this is my biggest achievement and the one I am most proud of. Having a stroke doesn’t mean that life is over; it means that we need to carve out a new life and one which can be completely fulfilling.
With my new focus; I would feel honoured and very proud to be part of the WSO Board. I have significant strategic leadership experience at Board level, and that coupled with a passion for making the world the best place it can be for survivors, I believe I have a lot to offer the WSO and I would be very grateful if you were to choose to vote for me.


Watch this space and let’s see how Craig gets on!