Birkenhead School supports A Stroke of Luck by raising nearly £800

Birkenhead School in Wirral has supported A Stroke of Luck by raising funds for the charity.

Two students in Year 5, Reefe and Betsy approached the Head of Prep, Mr Fitzherbert about raising money for A Stroke of Luck. Reefe is the daughter of Craig Pankhurst, the Founder & CEO of the charity and has seen first-hand the impact stroke can have on an individual.

“I wanted to try and raise money for my Daddy’s charity” said Reefe. “He has started A Stroke of Luck to help other stroke survivors across the UK and I am really proud of him”.

Birkenhead School, an Independent School with an impressive record in raising money for a range of charities, raised £792.54 by encouraging students to come dressed in one of or a mixture of A Stroke of Luck’s colours: Red, Amber, and Green. In addition to each Prep student paying money to come dressed in non-school uniform, a cake sale was also held. Students (and Parents) brought cakes in to school, again in the colours of the charity and these were sold during lunch.

“We are exceptionally grateful to Birkenhead School, the Students, and the Parents who have supported A Stroke of Luck in this fundraising event” said Craig. “We are a start-up charity and raising funds so early in our journey is critical to the success of achieving our aims and objectives”.

Mr Fitzherbert, remarked; “It was a great day and everyone enjoyed it…we all especially enjoyed the cakes!“I really want every school in the UK to do a non-school uniform day for A Stroke of Luck. We could have a competition to see which school could raise the most amount of money and which school can bake the best cake” said Reefe.

This fundraising initiative is one A Stroke of Luck would like all schools to engage with. The idea is simple and is great fun. A school in Wales has already agreed a date in September to follow in Birkenhead School’s footsteps.
If you would like your school to run a fundraising event or you would like to find out more about the charity, please contact A Stroke of Luck at