Emma’s story.

On the afternoon of Friday 26th June 2020, Emma, her brother Ewan and Mum Joanne were at home and Mark, Emma’s Dad, was upstairs on a work conference call.

As Emma recollects:

“I came in from work and went upstairs to say hello to my Dad. He was his normal jokey self on his Friday afternoon conference call with is team. Around 10 minutes after I left my Dad, he began to be sick, which is unlike my dad as he is never poorly! After a flush of the toilet and an extended period of the tap running, we heard a loud bang. I ran upstairs, followed by my mum and younger brother to see if my Dad was ok. We found him collapsed and unresponsive in the bathroom slouched up against the bathroom door. I was able to push the door enough in order for my mum to slide though the gap. Immediately, we recognised the symptoms of Stroke and called the Emergency Services. Within minutes, an Ambulance arrived, and my Dad was rushed to Stepping Hill Hospital in Stockport. Within a few hours, the experts confirmed that my Dad had experienced a bleed on the brain which caused a Stroke and would be transferred to Salford Royal Hospital to the intensive care unit.”

It was all down to Emma and her family’s quick reactions which potentially saved her Dad’s life.

“For those of you that don’t know my Dad, he is a very keen cyclist frequently covering in excess of 100 miles per week. I have one very strong memory of my Dad when I was a little girl of a bike ride that we went on with our old dog Ole. I was about 8 years old and my Dad and I got caught in a thunderstorm. For an 8-year-old little girl that was very scary! We sat under a tree in hope that the storm would pass, but it didn’t… my dad knelt down on one knee, held my hands and said: “Emma, I want you to keep peddling and whatever you do, don’t look back; go straight home.” My Dad and I have a very jokey relationship, even at an early age. So, I did just that, I peddled my little legs as fast as I could, I didn’t look back and I went straight home screaming all the way…! I was traumatised and dripping wet. I was greeted at the back door by my mum. I was screaming “Dad’s dead, he’s under the tree on the bumpy lane” – little did I know my Dad was right behind me. I think it’s safe to say my Dad has never been in so much trouble for traumatising me and as I’ve grown up, I’ve never lived that day down.

“So, as a tribute to my Dad, I have coordinated a cycling fundraising challenge on JustGiving in support of A Stroke of Luck. Within one week, we have raised over £3,000. My Grandad, Uncle, and I will be cycling 300 miles in a month.”

Craig, our Founder commented:

“This is a remarkable achievement and we are honoured that Emma chose our charity to raise funds for. It is very obvious that her and her family’s recognition of the signs of stroke have been a huge influence in ensuring her Dad is still alive.”

At A Stroke of Luck, we will be keeping a very close eye on Mark and his recovery journey and will be keen to update everyone on Mark’s milestone achievements when it’s the right time to do so.  Due to the amazing progress Mark has made in such a short space of time he is now at home where he is continuing in his recovery.

In the meantime, please do click on Emma’s JustGiving link and track her progress through the challenge! If you have a few pounds to donate, please do donate to Emma’s challenge.

Good Luck Emma and Best Wishes to Mark from everyone at A Stroke of Luck.