Credit System

Survivors need to be funded to access personal training.

This funding is derived from a number of channels; donations, sponsorship, and fundraising. The income received by A Stroke of Luck is then allocated to survivors via a credit system.

In each of the survivors digital accounts, (the digital account goes live once the survivor has completed the registration process and is accepted on to the A Stroke of Luck platform) will be a number of credits. These credits are for the use of booking and paying for personal training. It is a very simple system for the survivor to use. Please note that the digital account area will be built later on this year.

How do survivors book their training.
The process is simple…

Credit Flow Explained

Survivor registers on the platform

Credits will be allocated to the survivor’s account

Search for a local personal trainer – (Survivors are shown how to search for a local personal trainer)

Book your session with that trainer

Enjoy your personal training session

Tick the β€˜Session Completed’ icon on your ASOL page